OpenFOAM's axisymmetric wedges hate me

It's true. After sinking something like half of a day into investigating a crash out on OpenFOAM's blockMesh tool, I finally took apart my blockMeshDict file piece by piece and compared it to a working axisymmetric analysis example.

It all came down to the wedge patches. OpenFOAM's user guide states that "For 2 dimensional axi-symmetric cases, e.g. a cylinder, the geometry is specified as a wedge of small angle (e.g. < 5 degrees ) and 1 cell thick running along the plane of symmetry, straddling one of the coordinate planes".

Turns out that "straddling one of the coordinate planes" is a big deal. I was using the coordinate plane as one side of my wedge element. And you won't get a warning, you simply get a confusing coredump.

Some kind of indication of the issue would be nice. I was beginning to think I had a stray character in the file that was bringing the mesher down.

At least that's one mistake I won't make again.